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MIssing cobalt

It is very common for people to be misread and misunderstood in today’s society. This is definitely an issue in face-to-face conversations, as well as in the realm of social media. The gentle dog Cobalt’s response to this was to shut down and stop talking and expressing himself. He decided that in order for others to stop distorting his thoughts and words, he needed to limit his own expression. He is responding to a subtle form
of bullying.

This touching story follows Cobalt and his friend Tamari, as Tamari tries to find out why Cobalt is silent. Tamari laments over “missing” her close pal and ultimately urges him to share again.

There will be five more books created in this series.
A STICKER SET is due to arrive in JULY.


The Presence of San gimignano

In order to document my trip during a creative workshop to San Gimignano, I create the photobook, “The Presence of San Gimignano. This book was given an honorable
mention in the International Photography Awards for the Non-Pro Fine Art Photo Book category.

During this exploration I was able to get a close look at life in the village and the beautiful environment of San Gimignano. The workshop given by Medicine Wheel Productions gave me the opportunity to explore themes that centered around the artist in society. This led to my photographic and painting explorations of space, shadowing and the various craft artifacts around the town.


The Presence of Lacoste

My photobook, "The Presence of Lacoste," was selected in the International Photography competition, "2017 PhotoBookIndependent Competition." It will be showing in Los Angeles this weekend.

1933 South Broadway, Los Angeles, CA  90007
on April 21 - 23:

April 21 (Opening Night) - 7 - 10pm
April 22 - 11am - 7pm
April 23 - 11am - 6pm